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Truman Capote ranks high among those authors who mastered the art of storytelling while growing up in a writer's paradise.

We received the following request (right) from his biographer, Gerald Clarke, and enthusiastically agreed to assist him in locating additional letters by the immortal Mr. Capote.

For those of us who have visited Monroeville and heard Atlanta-based actor/director (and Birmingham native) Tom Key's reading of Mr. Capote's The Thanksgiving Visitor and A Christmas Memory, we acknowledge the lasting and beneficial effect words from this master have on our lives

Dear Mr. Lawrence:

I am the author of
Capote, the biography of Truman Capote, who died in 1984. With the collaboration of the Capote estate, I am now collecting and editing a book of his letters, which will be published by Random House, his own publisher.
Capote was born in New Orleans in 1924, but he spent most of his childhood in Monroeville, Alabama, his mother's home town. He returned often to both places, and he had relatives and friends throughout the South. I would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who has letters from Capote, or information about where I could find them.

Gerald Clarke
P.O. Box 426
Bridgehampton, N.Y. 11932

Thanks again,
Gerald Clark

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