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As a writer, professional journalist, editor and now television producer, Doc Lawrence keeps rather busy. A native of Atlanta, Doc early on developed a keen interest in the arts, which he honed to a level of exceptional skill with a rich education at Florida State University, Emory University and England’s Oxford University. Since his days as an Atlanta teenager, Doc has been writing features about the world around him and the world he wanted to share with others.

His arts focus has always been multi-dimensional and multi-cultural. “I love music,” he confesses, “ from Beethoven and Mozart to Muddy Waters and Elvis.” Doc, who has written for publications across the spectrum and still writes three popular columns for the Atlanta-based and highly acclaimed Piedmont Review, covers the stage in over 18 states, knows wine and food inside and out and has earned the trust and friendship of Chefs everywhere. "Is there an overriding passion?" we asked. “What someone paints or creates with their hands says everything to me about their soul," he responds. "I sometimes connect with them through a painting or carving in the most profound way.”

As a child, Doc saw Elvis, then completely unknown, perform at an Atlanta wrestling arena. “My life changed for the better. I’ve loved all music since.” He actually played in a rock band in his undergraduate days at FSU. “We did black music—songs by Big Joe Turner, Hank Ballard and John Lee Hooker. The adults hated us. The college kids adored us.” Two members of Doc’s band died in Vietnam.

Doc’s News is the culmination of a dream, according to our founder. “I saw so much potential in the Internet,“ he explained, “and none of it was directed toward the arts and meaningful popular cultures, Plus, I knew that the South’s culture and heritage was fast disappearing and that is something I could not abide. From the standpoint of the arts, the South is America’s Ireland. I have dedicated Doc’s News to telling the world about our people in a non-commercial, beautiful online environment."

Doc’s News is earning praise and raves from all corners. Doc Lawrence reaffirms that our standards will be high and that we will provide stories that remember, introduce and honor those things that make the world better.

By the way, who are Doc’s heroes? “Lot of people. Joan of Arc, Martin Luther King, Jr., Elvis, Louis Armstrong, Jimmy Carter, Ella Fitzgerald, Reverend Howard Finster and Johnny Cash. Many more.”



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