You don’t casually pass by her paintings. They demand that you stop and behold. Each work of art by the esteemed artist Sarah Hatch contains vital messages. They often defy human understanding and that is how it usually is within the creative world. Ms. Hatch, an outsider, visionary genius tells us symbolically what she sees with her mind’s eye. Revealed images find their way to the walls of fortunate homes and offices through the medium of the surface she chooses to adorn.

A resident of the quiet, historic village of Scottdale, located near Atlanta’s Emory University, Sarah Hatch enjoys a career that is ever-evolving. Her popularity is in direct proportion to the excellence of her growing body of works and the wonders of the images she affixes within them. Early on, particularly during childhood, Ms. Hatch realized she had artistic gifts and began expressing them. Those who love original art completely free of commercial influences are blessed.

The images from Sarah Hatch are both comforting and challenging. She calls upon us to stretch our minds, gaze deeper and open up the possibilities that come from things abstract and often indefinable. My experience with Ms. Hatch’s paintings are comfortable, sometimes a personal Balm in Gilead. Knowing and admiring this gifted artist adds even another layer of complexity to her works, making them more intimate and assuring their permanence within my home.

These days, there is a recognizable line of demarcation in the self-taught art world. On the one hand, the human spirit soars through the soulful images from a vast array of artists representing different cultures and experiences. This is where relevance, tradition and staying power dominate. There is an opposite movement, however, that is more attuned to popular culture. Both, of course have their place, but it serves little purpose to classify all of them under the umbrella of folk art.

Ms. Hatch, through the painted statements on her surfaces, reveals images not yet fully understood and events perhaps not quite ready to happen. But she tells us about where we came from and where we are now. Pondering her gently painted visions suggests where we might be going.

Sarah Hatch occupies a lofty and enviable position in the outsider realm. Her works are genuinely important. There are things mystical and spiritual for us to observe, enjoy and feel. Her esthetical contributions are obvious. The value for collectors cannot be over emphasized. Sarah Hatch is a master of her individually perfected form and technique. Her paintings embody universal themes and images and will increase in value immeasurably. They are already priceless creations and are mandatory for inclusion in any worthy collection.

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It can be quite advantageous to deal with the artist directly for a purchase. Contact her by email at: (with ART FROM DOCS NEWS in the subject line) or call 404-384-6339.






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