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CHEF MARVIN WOODS, the red-hot television cooking superstar is booking now for celebrity appearances, cooking classes and fundraisers. Important details and contact information inside .



Noteworthy collector Carla McEwen-Kennedy: "Doc's News is a magazine like no other. These features introduced us to new art and fabulous artists, and through this magazine we were able to make discoveries, make purchases and expand our collection."

Meet painter Tanya Dischler . . .
Art Beyond the Bayou

In response to our readers, Doc's News is introducing an exciting new feature section - -

We'll profile the great folk artists with professionally written features by Doc Lawrence. You'll see them in action. We'll display their art with gorgeous photographs and give you contact information so can can buy their works. This will immediately become one of our most popular features!

SOUTHWIND, a cable network television pilot series, is being co-produced, written and directed by Doc Lawrence, and will have a major focus on these artists and their contributions to the heritage and culture of the region.


This year is the Golden Anniversary of the birth of Rock and Roll and Doc begins a journey to trace the places where it all began. He begins in Shreveport, Louisiana and explains why.

"In 1954, a very young, then natural blonde ElvisPresley performed for 18 consecutive months on the Louisiana Hayride, a live radio show that rivaled the Grand 'Ol Opry in Nashville. This was a huge event that is largely unknown and I want to trace his footsteps for a national audience before moving on to Memphis, Macon, Atlanta and New Orleans."

Doc is in the second stage of a planned television pilot to honor this important anniversary. "There really should be a great series of celebrations in those cities where this great American music was formed. This continues to be a massive cultural revolution."

Doc Lawrence has been selected to write Master Sommelier Barbara Werley's wine book, Real Wine For Real People, a predicted best seller.

A TASTY NEW FEATURE in the Wine and Food Section - Doc talks with some Great Chefs IN THE KITCHEN

Discover "The Original Florida" and Steinhatchee Landing,

and spend time with us in the Best Wine Bar in America, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea's Burgundy Wine Company,

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Enjoy handmade cheeses from Georgia's Sweet Grass Dairy,

Read some memorable writers,
including a prodigiously talented young poet, Rhonda George

and Betsy Gilbert's article about novelist Louise Shaffer, who wrote The Three Miss Margarets,


Reminisce about some amazing MUSICAL TREATS,

including R& B Hall of Fame's Hank Ballard,

the Savannah Music Festival with The Blind Boys of Alabama,

Remembering Elvis - Doc was there when it happened!

Long Live the Queen - Nina Simone

Explore the Bear on the Square Mountain Music Festival and more!


More than a grand hotel - the restoration of Nashville's landmark Hermitage Hotel
restores a sense of quality and ease.


Remember to give us essential details like contact names, dates, location, email and phone, etc.

Doc's News will give exposure to all those worthy places, people and things we're not so fortunate to know about. When we use this, we'll give you credit and shout a big "thank you!"

Tell us about -

• T heater.
• Arts Festivals that need and deserve exposure. .
• All about the next Elvis, Patsy Cline, Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald.
• Restaurants combining great food with a thoughtful wine list.
• Favorite art galleries.
• Special wine events and tastings.
• Folk artists who need an audience.
• Community celebrations.
• Creations in cities half as wonderful as Red Grooms' magnificent"Carousel" in downtown Nashville.
•Exceptional exhibitions.

• And others we've overlooked!

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