Few artists have the impact of Melissa Harvil. The prolific painter from the lovely northwest Georgia hamlet of Silver Creek has accomplished much during her young years. Art teacher, poet, photographer and likely some more cerebral endeavors I’m not yet aware of, Ms. Harvil has an art degree from Shorter College and completed an art internship at the acclaimed Rupertinum in Salzburg, Austria. She is now enrolled in the Master’s program at The University of Georgia.

Her career as an established artist is firm and recognized, with gallery exhibitions already under her belt and some prestigious sales of her spectacular works. And she is still beginning to explore other challenges with so much potential.

Variety and diversity are omnipresent themes in Melissa Harvil’s paintings. While she is prolific, this is the direct result of hard work and long hours. “I have something that requires me to stay with my art until I finish,” she told me during an interview in her large studio. “The expression doesn’t end with a single painting. I simply must move on.”

She reminds me of no other artist. Her influences are from the bucolic community where she grew up and the globe and universe. You need at least a day to examine Ms. Harvil’s works. They are admirable. And you are left breathless. There is simple understated beauty on one canvass but the next shows a physically shattered woman. Culinary themes are not uncommon. I found no artistic boundaries and as I have taken time to know the gifted artist better, I understand that she possesses some rare creative powers that will always find a way to tell us things we need to know. Whether they are comforting or disturbing will depend on what soulful forces are motivating her at a given time.

Melissa Harvil has strength of character not so common these days. Her creations, life style, work ethic and personal standards are remarkable and rock solid. She is immersed in life and unafraid of its challenges. She shares what she knows through her art, through teaching and poetry. I suspect there aren’t many artists twice her age who have achieved as much as she has today.

Melissa Harvil is an important artist. Her works will last into other eras and endure for the ages and should be treasures for future generations. They will appreciate for their quality and especially for all that is poured into them through the talents of this spectacular rising star.

You are going to hear much about Melissa Harvil. She is just too gifted to be confined to Georgia. We proudly share her art enthusiasts everywhere.

EDITOR’S NOTE: To learn more about Melissa Harvil, or to contact her regarding the purchase of her works, contact us at and we will forward the information to her.




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