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John Sumner never goes anywhere without a camera. Over the years, the easy-going Atlanta-based photographer has garnered enough awards to cover a few walls, and his remarkable prints are in corporate offices and homes of collectors who have an appreciation for Sumner’s greatness as an artist who has an eye for capturing things exceptional.

Most of Sumner’s photography involves the South; rural life along with urban scenes predominates. When he captures a magic moment, there invariably will be at least one person in the frame. There are, of course, some exceptions, particularly regarding Mr. Sumner’s spectacular new color series of flowers. But, there is no doubt that his first love remains laughing children in Cabbagetown, a lonely widow peering hopelessly through a window, a farm family setting down to Thanksgiving dinner or a handsome elderly African-American man ready to board a train at Brookwood Station.

John Sumner has earned praise from many quarters including fabled Atlanta trial lawyer Jimmy Carr. “John,” says Mr. Carr, “does things with a camera that recalls all the good memories I have in my mind from my own experiences living in the South.” Carr added that Sumner has a popular following “because he is talented and also because he’s such a good person."

Many of John Sumner’s masterpieces are in prestigious permanent collections including Atlanta’s High Museum of Art and The Mayor’s (Atlanta) Wall of Fame.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Many readers likely will want to contact John Sumner, who is one of the most affable and accessible artists anywhere. He may be reached at 404.237. 2708.

We've gathered some of his images for you in the gallery below:

Old lady in her Cabbagetown yard.
At the gate.


Cabbagetown boys.
Deathbed. By the window.
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