Her beautiful paintings and vases vary in size from large to dainty - from striking canvases to grace an atrium wall to six-inch plaques and whimsical, gold-accented pins - but they have one thing in common: there is nothing remotely like them in any gallery or home today.

Laura Mostaghel, an artist who now enjoys a global reputation, began her career in Atlanta a decade ago as therapy for a severe injury to her right arm. On doctor’s orders she began “working clay”, which turned out to be a blessing when she taught herself how to make objets d’art and paint on them her dreams and whimsies.

Over time, Mostaghel’s arm healed and she had completely uncovered a heretofore-unknown talent that soon made her the fame and fortune she always wanted but never thought she would realize from the products and creations from her hands.

Few if any artists in the US or elsewhere have their works in the possession of household names such as our two favorite Knights, Sir Paul McCartney and Sir Elton John. Laura Mostaghel has sold her works to them along with many other celebrities including Clint Eastwood, former First Ladies Barbara Bush and Hillary Clinton and British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

High profile fans are nice, of course, but Laura Mostaghel knows where her future lies. “My creations are for those homes, hotels and offices where color and life are respected and quality of production is the highest priority,” she said. “My vases and urns are constructed and painted all by hand. From conception to completion, I create just as artists did in the ancient and great civilizations. What I sell will be passed down by owners to their children and future generations and that is more satisfying to me than money.”

Laura Mostaghel’s beautiful waterfront home in the spa resort town of Marco Island, Florida, is a workplace and a fabulous gallery. A giant kiln sits in her garage and her walls and shelves are covered with her art. Every corner seems to have a vase of some size, many filled with cut or dried flower arrangements. Every wall has at least one magnificent painting It is nothing short of an interior designer’s priceless showcase.

Married with two teenagers, Mostaghel somehow finds time to get even busier. “I have commissions for an array of interests which is exciting but time-demanding. Currently, my concentration is on some higher-end works for some fabulous interiors, which is what I love to do. Just imagine what a thrill it is to make an already beautiful room something truly spectacular.”

Laura Mostaghel is accessible and may be reached at 941.389.7669, by E-mail at or visit her website:


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