"Music is the wine
that fills the cup of silence."

Robert Fripp


Opera Theatre in St. Louis, the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra in New Orleans, and the Savannah Music Festival in Georgia's First City . . .

Read Doc's reflections on the Jazz Funeral in New Orleans of charismatic Rhythm and Blues icon Ernie K-Doe, the passing of music giant Chet Atkins, and an update on Atlanta's Freddy Cole.

Follow the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, and discover The X-Miss Americas, the band headed up by charismatic folk artist Ab the Flagman, and Sacred Harp singing in Atlanta's Spivey Hall.

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Doc shows you how to boogie into Saturday night with Brian Eagan on WMUA, from 9pm to midnght. This Fall, enjoy THEME PARTY - each week a dfferent musical era and/or genre -
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Read Doc Lawrence on the late Johnny Cash, "The Man with God's Voice".


Soar to the rousing Gospel / Blues of The Blind Boys of Alabama

A bow to Nina Simone -
Long Live the Queen!

Bluegrass and mountain music at The Bear on the Square Mountain Festival.

Reminisce with Doc about his favorite outlaw,Waylon Jennings,

We boogieed all night with
Hank Ballard and the Midnighters

and about
Elvis' early days

. We support all efforts to keep the Blues alive and growing. Atlanta's WRFG (89.3 FM), proudly calls itself Radio Free Georgia, for good reason. Free from the shackles of commercial radio (hours of mindless "oldies", repetitious programming, trash-mouthed DJ's, etc. ad nauseam),this station covers the Blues each weekday morning for three uninterrupted hours. Commentary is consistently enlightening. Here's a few tidbits gleaned from just one morning:

Rufus Thomas (who was the inspiration for the incredible Irish movie, The Commitments) ,hosts, at age 87, his radio show each Saturday morning from Memphis.

Also, Big Bill Morganfield, Muddy Waters' son, carries on his dad's blues tradition from his Atlanta base.

And, have you heard African-American Blues diva Francine Reed's recording of Crazy (the same song that was one of Patsy Cline's great crossover hits in the sixties), a collaboration with country music superstar Willie Nelson?

Awesome and meaningful.

Are you also interested in live theater?

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