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No less an authority than Nashville's Brother Love, a living legend-- tells us about perhaps the most interesting spring water available by the bottle. Called "BIG O'S HOLY WATER", it apparently has been around in rural areas for some time.

What makes it any different from all the others that cover grocery store shelves? "Each bottle is blessed," says Brother Love. "At my house, we begin and end each day," he adds, "with it. The Holy Water is our personal alpha and omega, so to speak." According to Brother Love, the Holy Water makes no particular health claims. "It doesn't need to. I'll make some for them!"

We've obtained a few bottles and plan to keep them for several reasons, especially artist Olivia Thomason's incredible art work on the label which is loaded with Biblical themes like The Garden of Eden and Noah's Ark.

Who knows - this could be the very first collectible bottled water!

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