Celebrate the American way with barbeque, fine wine and good cheer. Doc suggests some perfect pairings

Fund raising events, community celebrations, conventions and wine and food gatherings are discovering that the enormous popularity of celebrity Chef Marvin Woods can transform a gathering from a dreaded flop to a roaring success.

Woods, the hugely popular host of Turner South’s television cooking show, “Home Plate,” engaged Doc Lawrence Productions, the Atlanta and Miami marketing firm to arrange a mix of appearances and the results are, according to CEO and founder Doc Lawrence, “astonishing. I’ve been in different facets of show business and have friendships with many television and recording stars,” Lawrence says, “but Marvin has much more charisma and is a genuine people person. I watch him cook and tell stories before large and very diverse audiences, and there is a big grin on every face. I forgot to add that Marvin is also one fantastic cook and cooking instructor who can communicate. With hundreds of hours on the TV screen behind him, you know he can connect with people anywhere.”

Chef Marvin Woods is finally available for appearances, Lawrence announced. “He’s getting offers daily. We already have him booked for major charity fundraisers and a giant corporate expo at the Gwinnett Center for the Arts in Atlanta, and are close to signing him with a world class resort on the Gulf coast of Florida, a prestigious arts council, several wine and cooking events, and a group of wonderful festivals in the Southeast this summer and fall. If they want attendance and sell tickets, Marvin draws like a powerful magnet.”

Doc Lawrence, who is a noted travel, wine and food writer/consultant and television producer has a longstanding relationship with Chef Marvin Woods dating back to Lawrence’s guest appearances on Home Plate. “I know many of the famous chefs on all continents, and knew immediately that Marvin was going to soar to the top.”

An action-filled DVD featuring Chef Marvin Woods is available free and booking information and availability may be obtained on request by email: DocLawrence@docsnews.com.

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Meet our first three profiled Chefs:


Chef Lenore Nolan-Ryan,
better known as "The Singing Chef," who is about to debut her much anticipated cookbook along with commencing her television series.

Chef Marvin Woods,
the dynamic Chef and host of Turner South's new red hot series, HOME PLATE, on Turner South. Doc Lawrence is one of HOME PLATE's celebrity guests. We'll be cookin' with Doc and Marvin on television.

and Mr. Food,
Chef Art Ginsberg, "the consummate celebrity chef entrepreneur" who pioneered the genre.
Mr Food is featured on more than 100 stations nationwide, and has a loyal and ever-expanding audience in the millions.


Doc Lawrence shares a visit to Ted Turner's new restaurant:
Ted's Montana Grill, great food convenient to the theater districts.

Recently, Doc Lawrence and friends enjoyed the Tenth Anniversary Celebration of Atlanta's South City Kitchen, with celebrated chefs from throughout the region offering some very special cuisine . . .

Celebrity Chefs create a heavenly dinner at the
King Plow Arts Center in Atlanta - to benefit Louisiana's Chef John Folse Culinary Institute.


Firestone Vineyard
Doc Lawrence writes and lectures regularly about subjects in which he is a recognized and acknowledged expert - including wines and food.

Sample some of
Doc's fare . .
marvelous food-friendly wines from Three Sisters Vineyard in the mountains of North Georgia . . .
America's best wine bar,
followed by a very special wine dinner at The Breakers Palm Beach . . .

Doc's favorite spots to dine in Atlanta
and in New Orleans as well as Legendary Wine Cellars , and

Favorite restaurants in other cities,

John Mariani's inspiring essay: Why We Dine - - plus classic articles such as:



Karen Bremer's sumptuous City Grill in Atlanta has teamed up with esteemed California vineyards to offer a series of unforgettable wine dinners:


At the Wente Vineyards dinner Karl Wente, a descendant of C.H. Wente, the German immigrant who founded the vineyard in 1833, advised diners to lose misconceptions about wine pairing.

“Red wine with red meat or white wine with fish is basically irrelevant now, and really doesn’t do much for enjoyment,” he explained.
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At the Foxen Vineyards dinner, Dick Dore urged us: “Go to the edge to find new worlds,” Excellence and adventure went hand in hand as he spoke of the serendipitous beginnings of the estate in 1837, when Dore's seafaring grandfather, a British naval captain, made an emergency landing in California and married the Governor's daughter. These qualities of excellence and adventure continue to this day with Foxen's recent innovations in the production of fine wines.
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Sweet Grass Dairy:

Winner of five top awards at the 2003 American Cheese Association Conference in San Francisco -
Gourmet cheeses handmade from happy cows and goats in South Georgia

Florence, Italy honored Thomas Jefferson’s Viticulturalist .
2003 was the 230th anniversary of Filippo Mazzei’s Arrival in Virginia.

Launch a personal tradition - each May, visit
The New Orleans Wine and Food Experience

Every year, Doc enjoys superb wines and dining experiences, as well as intimate discussions with vintners and gastronomes, at the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience, He again participated and found hat this year's event was no less exciting. Follow the link to enjoy Doc's impressions of the 2004 NOW&FE

Says Andrea Immer. Doc Lawrence agrees.
Read his review of her recent book: Great Wine Made Simple

Immer, one of only ten women in the world to qualify as a Master Sommelier, adds: "I also want to refute the idea that you have to know a lot about wine to enjoy it. That's like saying you can't enjoy a Caesar salad if you don't know the ingredients."


Doc's News will feature an ongoing series of articles by one of America's most respected wine authorities, the late Jim Sanders, under the heading: IN VINO VERITAS. This magazine is the only place where the legend's essays can be found- click the arrow to read on

Important wine news:
Lectures, tastings, wine events and personal wine and cellar consultation -
Doc Lawrence is available!

At the urging of wine enthusiasts and other highly-respected wine professionals, Doc Lawrence has blocked out time for more wine education, tastings — especially planning successful ones -- and private and commercial consultation.

“There is so much to learn,” Doc said in making the announcement from his Atlanta office, “and wine education allows for immediate enjoyment and most often significant savings. I have avoided so many wine tastings in recent years because the consumer usually learns nothing but how to buy more and more ordinary wine. I offer insight, adventure and proper direction, and I’m my own man—totally independent.”

With over twenty years experience in wine education, wine writing—including his widely popular column, “Sips Along The Way,” and intimate consultation, Doc brings a great deal of excellence according to seasoned observers. “I’m only devoting a few days each month,” he revealed, “and I want to serve a diverse audience ranging from homeowners with a cellar, wine classes, restaurants and fun events like food and wine festivals. Also,” he added, “I will make the effort to educate and participate throughout the country.”

For details, E-mail Doc at doclawrence@mindspring.com

Julia Child

Doc's report on THE THIRD ANNUAL FOOD AND WINE WEEKEND - and Julia Child's Birthday

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